The temples of the Sikh faith, Gurdwaras, are built with 4 entrances. While the temple may be surrounded by thousands of people of wildly varying wealth, culture, or life experience, those 4 doors face each direction, welcoming everyone no matter their walk of life to the community and spirituality inside. Fall/Winter 2020 ‘Sunday Mornings’ is inspired by the designers frequent visits to the local Sikh temple during their childhoods.

Even among those who dress up in their traditional Sikh church clothing like clockwork each Sunday, their dress otherwise is more than likely that typical of western style. Instead of that accepting that relegation of the vibrant traditional styles to the temple, we have brought them to the fore; fusing Eastern patterns with Western style garments to show off our heritage unabashedly. In their culture clothes served two reasons the function for their bodies and their culture. Certain clothes served an actual purpose for living others for ceremonial events. Those garments were not made for the purpose of consumerism rather they were made for the individual and served their purpose for as long as possible. Sevin Kasran bridges the gap between Indian garments and modern day style.

The brand introduces a new category of knitwear, hooded sweatshirts and trousers as well as new style variations like the wool bomber jacket in turmeric, a tradition Indian spice. With a mixed colour palette ranging from the monotone slates of a heather grey sweat suit to the vibrancy of a trouser made from Kantha quilts; deconstructed saris, Indian womanswear items, and repurposed them with a traditional Indian single-stitch construction into a pant with a forward-thinking modern fit. Every pair stands alone as a unique kaleidoscope of colours and patterns, a slice of the vibrancy of Indian culture as it is lived every day.

The brand’s modus operandi is not to make a strictly consumable and marketable garment, but rather a piece that tells a story unique to the designers particular upbringing in a multicultural society. Sevin Kasran wants to inspire ideas of identity, self-love, and compassion to their consumers through their designs. The brand hopes that their messaging is not something one simply wears, but also integrates into the way they live their lives.